High performance

Compact, lightweight, carbon fiber monofins
for professionals and hobbyists

Your new superpower

Adjustable stiffness

Train and compete using the same fin. Choose between 5 different hardness settings

One fin for all

Suitable for deep apnea, spearfishing, freediving and underwater orienteering

Fits in a backpack

Wings can be removed in seconds without tools. No need for extra luggage when flying

See what the pros have to say

Ultralight Monofins

How light? Current competitive fins weigh in at between 3 and 4 kg. Due to the strength limitations of the materials used in their construction, their weight can not really be further reduced. Thanks to the carbon composite technology used in making Swordfish monofins, the weight has been slashed to between 1.2 and 1.4 kg, depending on the foot size of the swimmer.

Optimal Wings

Where feet become fin. Organically designed around 3D scans of feet, the polyurethane foot pockets moulded over the carbon fibre grip your feet evenly, efficiently transferring power to the wings. A wide wingspan and shallow wings mean low drag, letting you glide a loooong way.

"Manoeuvering with a traditional monofin is like driving a bus. Using Swordfish Fins is like driving a Ferrari"
Boris Milošić
World Champion Freediver

Has Boris ever driven a Ferrari? Have you? Let’s keep it simple. Fast fish swim with wing shaped tail fins, while slow ones make do with just the flaps. We make dough with fast ones.

Swordfish Carbon Fiber Monofin

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