Swordfish Wakizashi Carbon Fibre Monofin
Swordfish Wakizashi Carbon Fibre MonofinSwordfish Wakizashi Carbon Fibre Monofin
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  • 5 Years manufacturer warranty

  • All fins custom made for the perfect fit. Check feet size and customization for more details.

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Swordfish wakizashi

This is the area I have to fill with marketing text that makes you want to wear a Swordfish fin so bad you can't resist hitting that add to cart button. Truth is that if learning about what we created, seeing it in action and in the making didn't make you feel the urge to grow a sword, swim head on towards your fears, crush them and conquer yourself - than reading this probably won't either. 

Swordfish is salvation to you when it comes to fin swimming, that's clear, but what are you to us? On paper yes, you could be a customer - our accountant will call you one - but to us (Berci and Ananda) you are a fellow soul who believes they can do better, who understands there's a better way. It sounds super cheesy, I know, but the truth is we want only the best for you, that's why we didn't stop development when Swordfish was just a little better than other monofins out there.

If you aren't sure whether Swordfish is the right choice for you, go head and check our FAQ to find our recommendation for other manufacturers. 

Want to try both blades? Head over to our Facts page to see the difference between the two available options. The Swordfish feet section module works with both our Katana and Wakizashi blades, they're easily interchangeable. You can purchase Katana blades as an addition later, or spend less by getting them both in a bundle now!

To find out more about Swordfish follow us on YouTube or see our Facts page.And remember, as Berci says; If you only have one breath, use it wisely! Enjoy your dive!


Feet section: Polyurethane 

Middle-section: Carbon fibre reinforced polymer 

Weight: 900 - 1300g (depending on feet size) 

Polyurethane colour options: Green, Blue, Black, Pink, White. 

See customization for more info!

ALL OUR FINS ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ensure a snug fit. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR FEET's width and length as shown abelow. 


This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from Swordfish Fins Limited. (the “Physical Goods”). 


What does this limited warranty cover? 

This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period.During the Warranty Period, Swordfish Fins Limited will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. 

What will we do to correct problems? 

Swordfish Fins Limited will either repair the Product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts. 


How long does the coverage last? 

The Warranty Period for Physical Goods purchased from Swordfish Fins Limited is 5 years from the date of purchase.A replacement Physical Good or part assumes the remaining warranty of the original Physical Good or 180 days from the date of replacement or repair, whichever is longer. 

What does this limited warranty not cover? 

This Limited Warranty does not cover any problems caused by:Conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship 

What do you have to do? 

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. 

custom - customer - customize

Our fins are all made-to-order one-off pieces. We're still tweaking our site, and until we settle on an elegant custom product option selector tool, you have to specify your needs in writing at checkout. 

When ordering, please specify your desired feet section colour, feet dimensions (based on image in "FEET SIZE" tab), and blade pattern. 

Available feet section colours: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Black

Adding blade patterns is free until the 31st of June, it will will be + €180 EUR from then on. 


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Just because our fins are so light and compact, we offer free worldwide shipping on our full fins, head sections, blades, and blade bundles! 

We custom make your Swordfish fin for the best fit after you place your order. Since more and more people are understanding the advantages of Swordfish, we can't get to work on your order right away. 

We fulfil orders on a first come first served basis, and while we're ramping up production the delivery time of your Swordfish is between 6-8 weeks. 

interchangeable blades

lightweight construction

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