carbon fibre? High Efficiency? Customization?

What more could I ask for?

We don't know everything you could possibly ask for, so please make sure to let us know!

What we do know, however, is that according to Merriam-Webster dictionary to customize means: "to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications". This is exactly what we offer, hence the name of this subpage. 

Our fins are all made-to-order one-off pieces. We're still tweaking our site, and until we settle on an elegant custom product option selector tool, you have to specify your needs in writing at checkout. 

When ordering, please specify your desired feet section colour, feet dimensions (based on image in "FEET SIZE" tab in product description), and blade pattern.Available feet section colours: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Black 

Adding blade patterns is free until the 31st of June, it will will be + €180 EUR from then on!