Frequently (and not so) frequently asked questions

Which monofin should I choose? 

That entirely depends on what your goals are. If you want to save some money and have a heavy, unnecessarily huge & uncomfortable monofin that is a pain to transport, than I would suggest buying a traditional "baker's shovel" shaped fin. You can find plenty at: 

If, however,  you'd much rather swim with a monofin that is less than 1/3 of the weight, fits into a small backpack, has much higher aspect ratio (causing substantially less induced drag) & is comfortable to wear for hours, I would go with Swordfish for sure. 

Is it bragging if it's true?


What do some of the words mean in the first answer?

You mean aspect ratio and induced drag? The easiest way to find out would be to Google it, but if you'd rather listen to me explaining it you can get clued up by watching our educational content at: 

How did you guys pull this off?

Great question! First we set clear objectives and committed to reaching our goal no matter what! We faced hundreds of challenges along the way, but persevered to stay true to our promise we made ourselves in the previous sentence. Was it worth it? Course it was, someone had to put an end to this inefficiency nonsense, it just so happened to be us.

Do I need to wear neoprene socks with Swordfish?

- No.

- Why not?

- Because Swordfish fits sung because the feet section is designed to follow the curve of your feet. Because Swordfish is so light (and because a LOT less energy is wasted on first bending the fin) forces don't pull the fin in all the wrong directions while swimming. 

- Why aren't all the other fins like this?

- Insane, I know... I guess so that we can now go around telling people how good innovators we are. In all honesty it took a lot of trial and error to get it just right, perhaps a lot more than others were willing to put in, but now that it's been developed it makes perfect sense.

- In that case let me thank you for constantly improving my diving experience!

- You're more than welcome, we thank you for your money too! 

I asked my friend about monofins and he recommended something else. Is he lying?

That depends. Did he/she say the one recommended is the best out there? If so, than yes, but before you start playing the blame game, just consider that they probably have the best of intentions it's just that they haven't heard about Swordfish Fins. Love to all your friends, make sure to educate them! 

Why is Swordfish so much more efficient than "other monofins"?

- Because we designed it to be so. 

- Yes, we know, that's obvious.

- Do you wan't to get a little more technical?

- Ugh, yeah??

- When you stroke with traditional fins, you first waste ~ 20% of your energy on bending the fin before your energy is used to propel you forward. Swordfish is designed to maximize energy transfer at every stage of the stroke. Not really the type of question to be answered in depth in a FAQ section, so I suggest you check out our video on efficiency!

- Thanks Ananda, that makes a lot of sense!

- Glad you understand now! Any more questions, feel free to get in touch!

- Will do, cheers.

Are Katana and Wakizashi fins interchangeable? 

They sure are! Head over to our Facts page to see the difference between the two available options. The Swordfish feet section module works with both our Katana and Wakizashi blades, they're easily interchangeable. If you don't have a Swordfish yet you can get either Wakizashi or Katana and add extra blades, or spend less by getting them both in a bundle now!

Are you guys serious?

Yes in the sense that Swordfish is real and it seriously beats every single monofin we've seen before. 

No in the sense that we believe life is an awesome game and we love playing.

Which blade should I choose?

Swordfish Katana is recommended for freediving and apnea. Having higher aspect ratio, the Katana fin allows it's user to reach the same speed as with the Wakizashi, but with lower stroke frequency. 

 Swordfish Wakizashi is recommended for situations where tight spaces or other swimmers limit the available room for swimming. Swordfish Wakizashi complies with CMAS standard requirements making it the ideal choice for competitive divers. Since Wakizashi is the smaller fin you should chose this if you transport your fin a lot and 8 extra cm's matter. 

What is the answer to the last question in the FAQ section?

This is.

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