Wondering how we ended up building fins?

Early days

It all started 52 years ago when a legend was born... Wait, wait, this is just Ananda trolling in Berci's area, I'll let him type now.

Underwater depths have lured me for over 40 years. As an underwater orienteering diver I have attended numerous competitions. Due to the special requirements of our gear, and the complete lack of local financial support in socialist Hungary, we were forced to develop and build our own equipment to even try to compete with the greats. We displayed death-defying courage as we sliced fibreglass sheets day in and day out. We looked to one of our friends as a demigod when he got his hands on a half bottle of industrial Tip-Top glue.

 This is how we combined a Naide fin and some fibreglass to first create an elongated fin, than a dolphin fin. We made buoys by wrapping stockings around blocks of styrofoam we carved out on our desks, than used boat clear coat and putty to give them more structure. We fabricated handmade copper needles onto revolution counters salvaged from cassette players, we polished spherical compasses refining our gear from one competition to another. Back then I thought we can’t make any better. It may have been true for the time, but I know for sure it no longer is!


My next passion took me out the water and straight into air. In 1994 a new type of sport began to test it’s wings. It went by a few different names: some called it banana kite, some said it’s a hang glider. It was around this time when aerodynamics really started to interest me. When I became a sailplane pilot, I started tweaking my own plane by putting winglets on the then 20 year old Jantar Standard.


As an industrial designer and CNC machinist gaining experience in the field of composites, every condition was given for me to do what I felt was necessary. In my opinion, the "baker’s shovel" era was over. After enduring years of hard work, disappointment, failure and numerous „it’s almost working” prototypes we're ready. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy every second of it, but I did it, it’s finished!

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