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This is the area I have to fill with marketing text that makes you want to wear a Swordfish fin so bad you can’t resist hitting that add to cart button. Truth is that if learning about what we created, seeing it in action and in the making didn’t make you feel the urge to grow a sword, swim head on towards your fears, crush them and conquer yourself – than reading this probably won’t either.

Swordfish is salvation to you when it comes to fin swimming, that’s clear, but what are you to us? On paper yes, you could be a customer – our accountant will call you one – but to us (Berci and Ananda) you are a fellow soul who believes they can do better, who understands there’s a better way. It sounds super cheesy, I know, but the truth is we want only the best for you, that’s why we didn’t stop development when Swordfish was just a little better than other monofins out there.

If you aren’t sure whether Swordfish is the right choice for you, go head and check our FAQ to find our recommendation for other manufacturers.

Want to try both blades? Head over to our Facts page to see the difference between the two available options. The Swordfish feet section module works with both our Katana and Wakizashi blades, they’re easily interchangeable. You can purchase Katana blades as an addition later, or spend less by getting them both in a bundle now!

To find out more about Swordfish follow us on YouTube or see our Facts page.And remember, as Berci says; If you only have one breath, use it wisely! Enjoy your dive!

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm

Blue, Yellow


42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47


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